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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Repair Service Advantage (RSA)?
Repair Service Advantage is a post-warranty service offering that extends the service coverage
of Motorola subscriber mobile or portable radios. RSA is available as a service agreement for your existing radios, renewable annually as long as Motorola supports those radios.

What does RSA cover?
RSA provides component level repair on Motorola manufactured two-way portable, mobile,
iDEN, data, and paging units at Radiophone’s Service Center or at Motorola’s Depots. All radios are repaired by experienced, factory-trained, and certified technicians who return the units to original factory specifications and upgrade the firmware to the latest release.

What is not included in RSA?
Please see the RSA Statement of Work (SOWS) for a complete list. RSA excludes repairs to: optional accessories; non-standard mobile microphones; iDEN accessories; iDEN mobile microphones; portable remote speaker microphones; optional or additional control heads; mobile external speakers; single & multiple unit portable chargers; batteries; mobile power & antenna cables; mobile antennas; portable antennas, power supplies; chemical, liquid, or physical damage.  Engraving and Preventative Maintenance services are also excluded from RSA.

How do I order RSA?
You can purchase an RSA agreement by calling us at (866) 712-2929.

How do I get service for my RSA-covered radios?
Fill out our simple Radiophone Radio Repair Form (RRF) and ship the radios to our Springfield, MO repair facility. We’ll test, repair, return the radios to original factory specifications, and upgrade the firmware to the latest version and return them to you via FedEx Ground.

Why is RSA more economical for me than Flat Rate Repairs?
RSA allows you to budget for your subscriber radio repairs, significantly minimizing the
potential for unexpected maintenance expense. In addition, RSA repairs receive priority repair
cycle time, which means that they will be repaired and returned to you more quickly than with
no service agreement.

Do the radios need to be in working condition to put them on RSA?
Yes, to add equipment to RSA we will ask you to sign a Customer Certification form certifying that the radio(s) are in working condition. 

Are freight costs covered under RSA?
You are responsible for all freight costs associated with getting your radios to our Springfield, MO repair facility.  Return freight, via FedEx Ground, is covered under RSA.  Expedited return shipping is available but additional charges will apply.

How do I check the status of a repair? 
When you sign up for RSA you will be assigned a Service Support Representative.  This person can be reached toll-free from 8A-5PM CST, Monday through Friday, and would be your single point of contact for all your needs, including repair status. 

What is the average turnaround time on a repair?
That depends on the model of Motorola radio.  Most radios will be repaired and shipped from our service facility within 5 business days from when we receive them.  Some higher tier Motorola models will take 7 business days. 


Please click here to download our RSA Statement Of Work Form.

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Current Motorola Two Way Radio Models Available For Maintenance Contracts:
  • BC120
  • CM200
  • CM300
  • CP125
  • CP150
  • CP200
  • P1225LS
  • PM400
  • PR400
  • PRO2150
  • TC3000
  • TR3000
  • CDM750
  • CDM1250
  • CDM1550
  • CDM1550LS
  • CDM1550LS+
  • CT150
  • CT250
  • CT450
  • CT450LS
  • EX500
  • EX560
  • EX600XLS
  • GTX 900MHZ LTR
  • HT750
  • HT1000
  • HT1250
  • HT1250LS
  • HT1250LS+
  • HT1550
  • HT1550XLS
  • MT2000
  • MTX450
  • MTX4500
  • MTX8000
  • MTX8250
  • MTX8250LS
  • MTX838
  • MTX850
  • MTX850LS
  • MTX950
  • MTX9000
  • MTX9250
  • PR860
  • TS3000
  • XPR4300
  • XPR4350
  • XPR4500
  • XPR4550
  • XPR6300
  • XPR6350
  • XPR6500
  • XPR6550
  • XTVA
  • MCS2000
  • MT1500
  • MTS2000
  • PR1500
  • XTS1500
  • XTS2500
  • XTS3000
  • XTS3500
  • XTS5000
  • CDR500
  • CDR700
  • GR1225
  • GR300
  • GR500
  • PM1500
  • R1225
  • VRS750
  • XPR8300
  • XTL1500
  • XTL2500
  • XTL5000


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